07 July 2013

Notes from the week of 01JUL13

it was a strange week...

so anyway, excessive turmoil in my personal life seriously compromised my blogging this week; such is life.  If you know me in real life and I have your cell phone number, don't be surprised if I call you up and ask for help moving a mattress (I promise, there are no couches or pool tables to be moved.)

I started the week with the disturbing realization that unless we do something to stop the machine, Hillary Rodham Clinton will be elected President of the United States in 2016.  I make a half-assed attempt at blogging the important stuff and harassing those unfortunate enough to be pumping gas within earshot.  What are you doin'?

I actually did read The Declaration of Independence, aloud on Thursday.  Truer word have yet to be spoken...

Legal Insurrection sheds light on why Republicans wont self-identify as Republicans.  I tend to vote Republican (the lesser of two evils argument), call me out as as Republican and I will kick your ass

Related, The Common Sense Show, via The Western Rifles Shooters Association

Tahrir Square, mid-week


That's all I gots for the week
more soon



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