20 July 2013

Saturday Night Video

this one's for realz...

so anyway, no music tonight, except for the sweet, sweet symphony of American Exceptionalism (of which I can not get enough).

44 years ago today, we landed on the Moon.  Today, we can't even get to orbit without asking Vladimir Putin for a solid.

We should have had boots on the ground on Mars fifteen years ago.  That's what a "Great Society" will get you, not the fucked up LBJ version left us with.

Bah.  Anyhoo, experience some American Exceptioinalism.  We once knew how to get shit done:

I was six and three quarters years old at the time.  It left a mark

I still get goose-bumps watching this. Neal Armstrong has shed this mortal coil, but Buzz Aldrin can still kick your ass, and Michael Collins would still be there to beat you silly and fuck you stoopid.

Maybe it's just me, but I think we need more "old school" smacking down of the "new school".

more soon



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