24 August 2013

Saturday Night Video

tonight will be the first "Battle of the Bands" in this feature's short history...

so anyway, I'm rummaging through the notepad file where I keep all the links to the cool, cool tunes I bring to you on Saturday evenings, and I ran across a conflict.  My note-to-self in the file read "Rainbow - Since You've Been Gone SOON!!!"  All-righty then.  Decision made.  So, I lit up Blogger and started this post, but when I went back to the notepad file and did a quick find for "Since You've Been Gone" I came up with the song by Head East????

Here are the two versions, side by each.  You can vote on which version is better in the Comments below.

First, the original:

Next, the cover, by Head East:

Your thoughts?

more soon

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