01 January 2014

Happy New Year

2014 is destined to be better...we get to VOTE!

so anyway, Happy New Year!

ICYMI, Dave Barry's Year in Review post can be found here.  I haven't read it yet, I usually save it for around 10:30 PM New Year's Eve, when I'm sober enough to focus but drunk enough to laugh out loud.  H/T to Mike Hendrix of Cold Fury fame for the link.

As for me, this should be the best New Year's Eve / New Year's Day that I've had in years decades.  TheMissus™ and TheChildren™ are off to western Pennsylvania to visit with her family, and I have the house to myself.  There's much to appreciate about being home alone.

The black-eyed peas have been rinsed and are soaking; the requisite ingredients for cornbread are lined up on the counter; and there a several big honkin' ham steaks in the ice-box.  Tomorrow will be the first time in a long time that I've had a proper New Year's Day meal.  I've already made the Executive Decision that I'll split up the black-eyed peas and have straight up black-eyed peas with one half, and make Hoppin' John with the other.  There will be enough cornbread to cover both.  (If you want my wicked-cool cornbread recipe, just ask in the comments.  This offer expires at Noon on 01JAN14 [not really, ask anytime])

more soon

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