18 January 2014

Saturday Night Video (Updated)

This post has been updated with something far more important that some silly song...

so anyway, my faith in human ingenuity has some-what been restored after watching this:

I've watched it twenty times in the past ninety minutes.  I sat at the kitchen table and [s]wept[/s] bawled like a baby understanding what this achievement means.  We're going to get off this rock.  We're going to GO PLACES.

I was six and a half years old when we landed on the Moon.  It left a mark.  I would have signed up for the one-way trip to Mars, but I realized that I lack any significant skill-set that would be of use to the mission (unless they [i]need[/i] a Cost Estimator, then I'm all in).

Were I to ever hit the lottery, my first calls would be to the private space-flight companies to book a flight.

Your regularly scheduled Saturday Night Video is below the fold.

more soon

I work in The Stoopid Business™*.  Times are hard...

so anyway, scary times on the employment front.  This song has been on my mind for weeks...

*for the uninitiated, The Stoopid Business™ is the automotive industry, and a "Black Friday" is when they do a "reduction in force" and lay everyone off

more soon

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At 21 January, 2014 13:54, Blogger mindful webworker said...

um... angle bracket not square brackets on html.

I was wondering if I was the only one doing that.

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