18 March 2016

Practice Begins

I have some work to do...

so anyway, I set up my little indoor range and started practicing.  Ten shots a day, concentrating  on good mechanics and taking my time.

The first four days I was dorking around with the sights:

Tuesday 01MAR16
Wednesday 02MAR16
Thursday 03MAR16
Friday 04MAR16

The fifth day, I swapped out my bifocals (shut up) for a pair of reading glasses for a better sight picture:

Saturday 05MAR16
I missed shooting practice on the sixth day, and it showed on the seventh:

Monday 07MAR16
On the eighth day, I got the brilliant idea that maybe I should put a light on the target:
Tuesday 08MAR16

Wednesday 09MAR16

Thursday 10MAR16
I switched back to my bifocals (shut up) on the eleventh day:
Friday 11MAR16
Saturday 12MAR16
Sunday 13MAR16
I'll get caught up and will start posting a couple of times per week.

more soon



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