16 April 2016

Still Shooting

despite life trying to intervene...

so anyway, I'm still working on my marksmanship and seeing some improvement.

Monday 21MAR16

Tuesday 22MAR16

Wednesday 23MAR16

Thursday 24MAR16

Friday 25MAR16

Saturday 26MAR16

Tuesday 29MAR16

Wednesday 30MAR16

Thursday 31MAR16
Up until now, I was shooting whilst seated and supported (bench-like).   I changed my shooting position starting in April to seated but unsupported.

Saturday 02APR16

Tuesday 05APR16

Friday 08APR16

Saturday 09APR16

Monday 11APR16

Wednesday 13APR16

Friday 15APR16
I'm still not unconvinced that I need new glasses, but I am seeing some improvement.

more soon