14 July 2008

Pickens' Plan

I'm listening.....

so anyway, via Josh Kahn over at The Next Right, the first installment of T. Boone Pickens' energy plan:

The teaser sounds intriguing. If I must pick nits, I'll respectfully disagree with Mr.Pickens over his "....a problem that we can't drill our way out of...." statement. Long term, agreed. We need to find another way. Solar and windmills are just fine, but we need to seriously get on the nuclear plan for electricity. Short term, drilling here and now will bring down the market price of oil. As in tomorrow. The prospect of an increased supply on the global market will quell the speculation market and reduce volatility. It's like ECON 090, people.

Kahn's analysis of the ad is spot on. Do go read, soonest.



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