21 July 2008

What? No S.Weasel@work?

Fargin bastages

so anyway, this past Thursday evening I saw that Stoat Weasel was having some "issues" with the corporate world's net-nannies. Quoteth S.Weasel, her own bad self:

DAMN it! If you noticed the marked absence of Weasel today, it’s because I made the Internet Naughty List.
I saw it late in the evening and filed it away. I took a vacation day from The Stoopid Business™ on Friday (don't ask, nothing fun happened; long story, etc.).

Late this afternoon, as is my custom, I went looking for some S.Weasel to get me through the end of the day. "Access Denied" said the net-nanny. Bastards.

As of five-ish this evening, the Weaselly-goodness is still blocked by the corporate nanny-staters. Some jackass outfit called "WebSence" or some siht.

Did I mention that the net-nanny-type-people were scum-sucking hermaphrodites? No? Well, they are. Consider it mentioned.

I agree with Her Weaselness:
If they think I’m going to knuckle under and do my job or some shit, they don’t know the meaning of “weasel.”
Amen, Sister. We will not let the bastards keep us down.


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