21 November 2008

Friday 21NOV08

Another week of The Stoopid Business™ in the can

so anyway, I'm so not going to mention the "Natural Harvest" story that all the cool kids are yukking it up over. Seriously, that's some funny siht right there; do go read them all, and all the comments as well. Is it a spoof? Don't know, don't care; it's danm funny. Read them all.

But that's not why I stopped in tonight. Confederate Yankee has noted a trend that has been brewing for the past couple of months or so:

Fears of an Obama administration attempt to raise prohibitive taxes and reinstate bans on so-called "assault weapons" and standard capacity magazines have led to rushes on many kinds of semi-automatic rifles and pistols, especially those with high capacity magazines. Until recently, Obama's transition website indicated his intention to reinstate the ineffective 1994 Assault Weapons Ban that passed under President Clinton and expired in 2004 under President Bush.

Local news reports from other gun shops across the country seem to indicate that a run on military-style semi-automatics and ammunition of all types may continue for months as long-time shooters and new gun purchasers stock up in preparation for what many expect to be one of the most divisive, anti-gun federal governments in years.

Spend your money on canned goods and ammunition, kids. But not necessarily in that order.

more soon.


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