09 October 2009

I demand a re-count

are you fcuking kidding me?

so anyway, WTF? President (MMM MMM MMM) Barack Hussein Obama (MMM MMM MMM) has won the Nobel Peace Prize?

For What? What has he done? TOTUS has some insight:

"....(he) won this award for his speeches. I mean, after nominating himself for the Nobel Prize for Peace two weeks after entering the office of the Presidency, let's face it, it isn't like he had anything to show for it."

VL of Wax Lips fame makes a good point:
OK. The Nobel Peace Prize Committee has now officially shed its last scintilla of remaining credibility.
Insolublog asks (again) "What the hell is wrong with everybody?"

Bruce McQuain is making book over at Q and O:
I wonder what the over-under is for the number of times he mentions himself in the acceptance speech?
I am, and will remain, completely gobsmacked.

Ace and the crew are all over this. Drew M. makes with the snark:
Fearless prediction...Obama will be named the MVP of the World Series and the Super Bowl. He will win an Oscar and be named Homecoming King and Queen at several high schools and colleges across the country.
I'll wager an inch-tall stack of quarters that his face will be on our currency within a year.

more soon


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