29 October 2009

Scooped! In my own backyard!

I should be so ashamed, but yet.....

so anyway, VL of Wax Lips fame has scooped a story right in my own backyard. Apparently, the mayor of Detroit (Rock City) wants to spend $3,600,000 of so-called "Stimulus Money" to execute an "emergency demolition" of the Michigan Central Station.

Sad, really. It's such a magnificent building. I've never been inside, but on my infrequent trips into the heart of Detroit (Rock City), I've often marvelled at the structure, and regretted it's decline. Check me if I'm wrong, but I believe that it was the Michigan Central Station where a corpse was found frozen in a pool of ice, earlier this year. It was all over the inter-tube web-net thingies at the time.....still checking, please hold.

On one hand, I should be ashamed of Wax Lips scooping a story out of my (extended) backyard. Then again, she's reading Treehugger.com so I don't have to. Win / Win, in my book.

Read the whole thing (and watch the YouTube clip, it'll break your heart to go from then to now)

more soon


At 30 October, 2009 00:28, Blogger Susan said...

Glad you're telling everyone about this, Mike. It's such a shame.

When these buildings are gone, they're gone forever; we can't bring them back.

It's lost history, yes, and that's important enough in and of itself. But it's lost beauty, too -- we never build replacements that are even 1/100th the architectural or aesthetical equivalent of what we so hastily and unthinkingly just destroyed.

"Don't it always seem to go...?"



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