19 April 2010

The Ann Arbor Tea Party

I'm a few days late...

so anyway, last Thursday I made it to the Ann Arbor Tax Day Tea Party, in the heart of the Peoples Republic of Ann Arbor (aka "Moscow on the Huron"). It was very interesting, if a bit low-keyed. There were about 500 people in attendance, and even the anti-TP protesters were polite.

AnnArbor.com (what passes for a newspaper in the Peoples Republic of Ann Arbor) actually was very even-handed in their reporting of the event. I will pick nits over this snippet from their article:

But while this year's Tea Party saw much greater attendance than last year's - 500 people versus 150 last year - a lot of its growth had to do with the counter-protesters that decided to join the party.
AnnArbor.com would lead you to believe that the turnout was dramatically influenced by the anti-Tea Party protesters' turn out. Based on my personal observation, the Tea Partiers outnumbered the counter-protesters by nine or ten to one.

As my luck would have it, none of the pictures I took are worth posting (it was the camera, not the content). Fortunately, the AnnArbor.com article has a slide show.

more soon


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