07 September 2011

You know, this could actually work

I have a plan.....

so anyway, InstaPundit links to Megan McArlde's Atlantic post regarding the Post Office.

"Congress has given the Post Office two incompatible mandates. It is to make money like a business . . . but it is not to have any of the freedom that businesses have to, say, close branch offices, cut its delivery area, or change delivery schedules.

Read the whole thing.

Fortunately, I have a solution to the Post Office's woes: Herman Cain.

Seriously, who would better to right the ship at the USPS than Herman Cain? The man knows how to put things right; and would provide the kind of leadership that the USPS has been lacking since dirt was new.

(I'm not being entirely snarky here. I like and respect Cain, and I think he'd make an excellent President. Alas, the facts on the ground are that his candidacy is not generating the traction it needs and others are sucking all of the oxygen out of the room. I'd love to see him as President, but the writing is on the wall.)

So, here's my plea to the 45th President: first thing in the morning on Wednesday 23 January 2013, nominate Herman Cain as Postmaster General. Give him the mandate to fix things at the Post Office, and an eighteen month deadline. Then sit back and watch the man work.

We'll be back to having mail delivered twice a day and 10ยข First Class postage in no time.

Herman Cain for Postmaster General!!!

more soon

***Update*** Disrupt the Narrative also realizes the the USPS is FUBAR


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