05 October 2011

Polling season is starting early

and ending early, as you will see...

so anyway, the phone rings here at Casa de Miguel around 8:40 PM tonight, and TheMissus™ hands it to me: "It's that stoopid 800 number again. They've called at least six times today."

I tell her that I'll handle it and take the handset:


Yes, I'm calling for Mr. Miguel Heywoodblogger? (What, did you think I'd use my real name? Here?)


Good evening, Sir. We are conducting an opinion survey on political positions (or some-such bullshit that went on for two minutes, you know how these things go)

I'm so glad you called.

Are you or anyone in your household employed by a newspaper, radio or TV station, or any other media outlet?

No. (He didn't mention a blog, so I didn't mention it, either)

Are you or anyone in your household involved in a political campaign?

(I let my involvement with The Campaign to De-Elect the pResident slide) No.

Are you currently registered to vote?

Since 1980. Yes.

How likely are you to vote in the Presidential Election in November of 2012? Not Likely, Somewhat Likely, Possibly, Somewhat Likely, Very Likely?

There's an eleventy-seven trillion percent chance that I am extremely likely to vote in the Presidential election in November, 2012. That would be a "Very Likely" to the n-th degree. Next question?

long pause....

Regarding your voting habits, what would you say best describes you: "Strong Democrat, Usually Vote Democrat, Independent, Usually Vote Republican, Strong Republican"?

Well, since you didn't offer up "Constitutional Conservative" as an option, I guess I'll have to answer "Strong Republican".

Thank you for your time. Click

The whole exchange took less than four minutes. Had TheMissus™ answered the phone, they'd still be talking.

I realize after the fact, that I should have played the situation, and answered the questions in full-blown leftard mode. My bad.

It's gotten late early again, and I must go. More soon....



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