09 September 2013

This should be interesting

anyone have a list of live-cams in Capitol City?

so anyway, I'm sure you've heard of the upcoming "Million Muslim March" in Capitol City on Wednesday (which just coincidentally happens to be 9/11).

As it turns out, a group called "2 Million Bikers to DC Capitol City" applied for a permit for a no-stop ride through Capitol City; along "...an established route, which would have taken us past the Viet Nam Memorial to the Lincoln Memorial, across the bridge into Virginia, and that’s it! We would have been completely out of Washington DC, and your city would have been back to normal."

The Capitol City authorities have denied the bikers' permit request.  Of course they have.  I'm sure the "Million Muslim March" permit application was approved before it was even submitted.

Go here for a good round-up of the sitch from the pro-biker side.

As long time readers will assume, I don't give a tinker's damn about the story from the "Million Muslim March" side of the story.

Me?  On Wednesday I'm gonna find me some live-cams in Capitol City and make a big batch of popcorn.

more soon


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