30 August 2014

Saturday Night Video(s)

The No Strategy Edition...

so anyway, I'm sure everyone had heard this by now.  I'm not asking you to watch the whole thing, jump forward to the 36 second mark and listen for four (4) seconds.

If you are anything like me (and, let me be clear: there are those who would say that if you are still here and have read this far, odds are tremendous that we share some commonalities) TFG's statement was rather off-pissing.  Do not buy the MFM spin: he doesn't have a plan.  The MFM would have you believe that he has a plan, but was bluffing so that ISIS would think there's no plan.  HE DOESN'T HAVE A PLAN!  He's not clever enough to bluff.  ValJar double-face-palmed so hard she was knocked unconscious for a few minutes.  Hell, a better response to the question would have been this:

I could have lived with that answer.

In analysis and rebuttal, I offer you Steely Dan.  Listen to the words, read the lyrics.  Isn't this, too, the story of Obama?

Think about it.  It's spot on.

more soon*

*sorry for the lack of posting of late, I've been busy.  How busy?  So busy that I failed to note my own 10 year blogiversary on 25JUN14.  Ten.Freakin'.Years.

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