12 July 2004

My Bad

So anyway I found myself in a bookstore in the mall this afternoon. Man, did that put me in a funk. They had a display of Reagan "memorabilia" books on an end cap and, being in AnnArbor (aka "Moscow on the Huron") every other shelf on the end cap had al franken's book of psychotic ramblings, interspersed with the Reagan books.

Keep in mind that I had to walk past roughly two pallets of billyjeff's thousand page "Love ME" yawn-fest and a life sized cardboard cut out of michael moore (how many trees had to die for that?) just to get into the store.

So I end up in the "Political Commentary" section of the store (go figure) and I'm already pissed off, and there is a shelf of billyjeff's book and a shelf of hitlery's book. Retching, I staggered away, bumbling into the next aisle. Down on the bottom shelf, certainly not "Alphabetical By Author", I find it. I grab the only three copies on the shelf and go back around the corner where I interspersed the clinton's books with Ann Coulter's "Treason".

The Missus is still asking me just what the hell was so funny in the mall.....

Maybe we should start a Movement. Sure it's not quite like Hoffman's "Steal This Book" or Arlo Guthrie's "Alice's restaurant" movement, but it sure would be fun. The next time you are anywhere books are sold, do a little stock shuffling. "Treason" juxtaposed with billyjeff's or hitlery's books makes a nice statement.


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