11 July 2004

This you have to read

Jim over at Smoke on the Water has a chilling history lesson for us all. It's the kind of thing that's been fermenting in the back of my brain for a while now; just how far will the left go to make their futile point?

Several months ago, there was some noise from the left, namely the DemocraticUnderground about bringing on insurrection (and civil war) upon GWB's re-election. Lefties talking about buying guns and taking it to the streets. Of course, this is the same crowd who promised to leave the country and move to france if GWB was elected (BTW they haven't accounted for their unconstitutional "waiting periods") but I digress.

Jim puts it all in the historical perspective of the elections on 1968.

Perhaps I'm melding two seperate constructs here, but something tells me there's a "chill wind" blowing from somewhere left of center.....


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