18 July 2004

A Word of Introduction

It strikes me that we have never layed out who we are and what this blog is all about. OK, you can guess that we are Right Wing types, but that would be judging the book by it's cover.

My brother-in-blog and I discussed putting forth a "position paper" at the onset of this blog, but as we are both fookin' busy we haven't gotten around to it yet. Suffice it to say that while we agree on most issues, we will probably find areas where we don't see eye to eye. We both have our "hot buttons", issues about which we are (individually) passionate.

I describe my self as a "Constitutional Conservative" and often joke that I'm so far to the Right that I scare most Republicans. I'm the guy who carries a copy of The Constitution with me Every.Where.I.Go. Why, you ask? I do so because The Constitution is the second most mis-quoted document in the history of mankind (the bible / torah / koran / et al. is the first most mis-quoted document).  It gives me great pleasure to produce a copy of The Constitution for some whinny liberal hippie type and say "Really? Here. Show me where it says that."

Whilst this is a collaborative blog, we do not collaborate on our posts.  He posts, I post; but never "We" post. I'm sure we'll let you know if we ever do co-author anything.  Hell, he won't even return my phone calls....."Heywood who?" indeed.

That said, if he posts something that you don't like, take it up with him. If I post something that pisses you off (and chances are good that I will do so), take it up with him. No, wait.....I meant take it up with me. While we operate as separate entities, we each take full responsibility for the content of this blog.  In the event that there is something Greg posts that I disagree with, I will offer my rebuttal, all the while vigorously defending his right of expression.  We're both so Constitutional about these things.  Something about ".....our Lives, our Fortunes, our Sacred Honor....." or some-such (Yes, I know, I'm mixing Constitutional and Declaration of Independence metaphors; bite me)

And yes, I use a "screen name". Listen, the Federal Witness Protection Program has gone through a lot of effort and expense to date; I'm not about to go and blow my cover now.  The name harkens back to the day in the mid-1990's when I was a (very minor) Big Player in the IRC world; it's been my nom de plome (gawd how I hate using french phrases) forever and I'll continue to use it in this idiom.
We are working on fixing the glitch with the Comments, if you feel the need to slap me around in the interim e-mail me at heywoodblogger@yahoo.com.


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