27 September 2004

Another election polling site

Via Stephen Green, I have found Electoral-Vote.com, and I am pleased. Not so much as the site shows the President with a lead in the projected Electoral College vote; but pleased that someone, who is a self described partisan for the left, is reporting that his man is losing. And doing so in a "stand up" way.
How refreshing. This looks like a guy with whom you could "agree to dis-agree" and have a beer with. He even gives the link to ElectionProjection.com, if you are seeking a pro-GWB viewpoint.
It's called intellectual honesty, and it's a trait that I, for one, value above all others. Whether his "pro-kerry" stance is or is not an "anti-bush" stance is not important here: he stands and delivers even if he doesn't like what he has to report. There are factions of the VRWC who could learn a lesson here
Contrast that with the hate mongers over at the DemocraticUnderground or CBS.


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