28 September 2004

Our society is doomed, or maybe not

Our society is doomed. I saw an ad this evening for the latest show on ABC, a program called "WifeSwap". The show if about, as you may guess, wife swapping. No, not the "swingers" kind of wife swapping (it is ABC after all) but more of a domestic version of "The Simple Life".
Where is the outcry from the feminazis? Even someone as insensitive as myself can see this as demeaning to women; where are the calls to boycott ABC over this? Are all the so-called "feminist" too busy trying to figure out how they'll pay the taxes on Oprah's "free" cars to notice?
I had a rare opportunity to catch some daytime radio this afternoon, and I am truly disturbed. I tuned in to Rush for about 15 minutes as he was discussing Votergasm.org; go view their site (but not while you're at work).
I also caught about 4 minutes of AirAmerica, which was worse than going to the DemocraticUnderground for half an hour. I didn't catch the hostess' name, I was listening between 3:17 and 3:21 this afternoon, you do the math. She was comparing the Bush family to the Royal House of Saud, and lamenteing the fact that they (AirAmerica) were not on in more major markets. Like it was their fookin' BIRTHRIGHT to be on the air everywhere.
Hmmm. A couple of observations here: first, she was trying to be very "Limbaugh-esque" in her approach and demeanor without much success. I first heard Limbaugh when he was on about 85 radion stations nation-wide, and he was thankfull for each and every one. Not crying that he wasn't on the big stations in the big markets, but appreciative of where he was. As much as AirAmerica is trying to steal from the Rush Limbaugh playbook, they could take a lesson here.
Second, her comparison of the Bush family to the Saudis was laughable at best. If Limbaugh or Savage or Hewitt or Beck or Reagan went off about the J.F.Kennedy / Camelot analogy, the left would want their aforementioned heads on pikes.
Our society is doomed, part the second. I just registered to vote. Online. With totally bogus information. At http://promotions.yahoo.com/declareyourself. That's right, Yahoo. I'll be checking the mailbox with eager anticipation in a few weeks. I'll keep you posted.
Our society is doomed, or maybe not: A little vitreol, properly applied. I first saw this at Kim du Toit's excellent site; today Stephen Green picked it up.
Go read it all, you need the perspective.

Kim also chalks up another post in the Department of Righteous Shootings; our Nation's senior citizens still can spot the bad guy in a crowd.


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