29 August 2005

I'm just sick about it

and there's nothing we can do

It looks like Katrina is going to hit New Orleans full force. I haven't had the TV on (duh!) but I'm sure the doom merchants have already written the Cresent City off and are searching for a way to make it all GWB's fault.
The invaluable VodkaPundit crew have updates and salient observations on the storm. Last season, I had some thoughts on Charlie; those thoughts still apply, simple swap out "Katrina" for "Charlie".
New Orleans. Just the uttering of the name brings to mind all sorts of wonderful things. I've never been there as an adult. I suposedly there when I was two, but then again, I've long since discounted any information that I cannot confirm independantly. I have dreamed of New Orleans, and studied the city, the culture, the food (....ahhh: the food!); I have no doubt that you could drop me blindfolded into the French Quarter and I'd know instantly where to go and what to do and how to act.
Our bestest thoughts and hopes for the best go out to our brothers and sisters in the path of the storm.


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