14 August 2005

Part Two

see yesterday's post for context and reference

So anyway.....as I was saying, I've had quite enough, thank you.

The MSM is still stone-walling the Able Danger story and giving all their attention to Cindy f'n Sheehan.

Mike of Cold Fury fame has some salient observations on the Able Danger and the aftermath thereof. Chris Muir, author of the bestest political cartoon you've never read, hits it squarely on the head with his 'toon for Saturday, 13 August 05.

Since I started my blogging late this evening, I haven't even snooped around at the usual suspects blogs to find out what else is going on. I rather suspect it would leave me depressed.

Now we've reached the point in this mini-rant where I scream "WAKE UP, PEOPLE!!!!!" and go off about how you need to search for the truth and that your search does not include the MSM.

Able Danger is getting the same treatment from the MSM as the Swift Boat crew received, and it's looking like the blogosphere is going to have to carry this one as well and hand the MSM their collective asses again.

Cindy f'n Sheehan is getting more MSM coverage than the first week of Rathergate.
Cindy f'n Sheehan is getting more MSM coverage than the first week of Davos / Eason Jordon. (What ever came of that one?)

What is the MSM hiding to protect whom?

Discuss this amongst yourselves; be prepared for an essay question on this material on the mid-term exam.


At 16 August, 2005 00:23, Blogger Insolublog said...

I have pretty much had it myself. With all the other issues at stake.


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