13 September 2005

Tuesday Night Blues

just killin' time until they announce the lottery numbers

I need to get this off my chest.....Joe Biden can kiss my ass. Kennedy, Landrieu, Clinton, Feinstein, Schumer, Boxer; listen up: the line starts after Biden.

George Will puts it on a tee and whacks it good. Must read stuff. H/T to Laura and Rush, who were both pimping the column.
Tim over at Four Right Wing Wackos links out to an interesting piece he found via InstaPundit. Yeah, what he said (I think)
Did I mention that Joe Biden can kiss my ass? I did? OK, carry on.
And Jim on the Sloop New Dawn (I am so glad he's posting again, he can stuff 10 pounds of common sense into a 5 pound bag) is following up on the civil rights violations in New Orleans. Jebeezus, the fact that such things are happening in Our Country is appalling. Further proof that some people do not value the Bill of Rights like you or I. Long time readers will remember that it is my belief that the Bill of Rights was laid out in order of importance.
Oh, Joe Biden? never mind, you know


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