17 December 2005

Another Saturday Night

and I ain't got no excuses

[Insert feeble apology for lack of posting here]

I had a really good post cooked up last night; one of those "When I'm President....." rants that was destined to become required reading in every high school civics class forever.

Sing along, you know the words: between my ISP and the Blogger interface the post got "poofed", couple that with the fact that I was completely 'faced at the time, I was unable to recover the post. Note to self: maybe it's time to re-evaluate this whole drinking thingy.

So anyway, there are a couple of "must reads" out there that should not be missed: Ace has hit the proverbial nail smackly on the friggin' head in his post about Iran and the issues therein. I gotta figure out how to get on his blogroll.....but I digress. A teaser from the post:
Ace's post is level-headed and sobering. As horrific as it is, it is the only course of action that makes any sense.
And the indespensible Jeff Goldstein takes on the NSA / "domestic" spying issue in light of the bigger picture. Just keep scrolling, the "Steve in Houston" comments are already lighting up the blogosphere. (H/T to Ace for the heads up on the Goldstein post)
In other news, insights to how Moxie celebrates her weekends. I have to laugh, there's an ad for Keith "Who?" Olbermann's show on Moxie's site; yeah, I'm sure she's tuning in. She'd fold him like a cheap pocket knife without breaking a sweat.
Courage (Resolve)


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