01 December 2005

At last I've found.....

.....something to put over my "Fry Mumia" bumper sticker
Toast Tookie
I honestly cannot believe that people are lining up to defend the vile Crips founder / thrice-murdering Stanley "Tookie" Williams. Un-fooking-believable. I fully expect Arnold to go all girly-man and stay the execution. Jeebeezus.
Michelle Malkin has all the goodies on the whole steamin' pile-o-Tookie.
Honestly? All I want for christmas is drilling in ANWR and Tookie Williams shot-gunned in the head. Not for myself, I want these things for the children
And don't get me started on the Hawaii Supreme Court ruling. (H/T to Mrs.Malkin) More on this later.
If I were sleeping right now I'd get five and a half hours of sleep (mmmm, sleep). But I'm not so I shant. I gotta go.
Courage (Resolve)


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