03 December 2005

Did I say "thrice"?

silly me; Tookie killed four people

Previously I referred to Stanley "Tookie" Williams as a "thrice-murdering" oxygen thief; I'd like to go on record here and now to admit that I was wrong and fully acknowledge that Crips founder Tookie Williams did indeed kill four people (in two seperate incidents). My bad.
Via Michelle Malkin, the TPoTD (Tookie Post of The Day).
I took the Genitical Twinlets to the local Christmas parade / tree lighting / Santa visit this evening. Big, big fun was had by all. I'll 'splain more tomorrow, I got to personally thank some Marines and piss off some lefties, Bonus Plus. There's something about being out in 20° weather for three and a half hours, then coming in and getting cozy and warm that just makes you sleepy after drinking a copious quantity of cheap vodka.
More soon.
Courage (Resolve)


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