31 December 2005

Happy New Year

a collection of stuff as the year winds down

Over at Four Right Wing Wackos Ragin'_Dave makes some salient points in his last post of the year. Regular readers will recognize Dave's usual....er....idiom:

The next time some asshat talks about how great it is in Cuba, kick them in the nuts. They're mentally damaged and cannot be reasoned with.

And James Lileks speaks some truth in a piece from two months ago that I some how missed at the time. My bad. You can collect your refund at the door.

I've got the documentary "Gunner Palace" running in the background even as I type. Good film, you should invest a couple of hours and watch it. I'm not a professional movie reviewer, nor do I play one on TV; but I'll offer up my opinions on the film whilst in the middle of my third viewing in as many days. In no particular order

The film reminds me of Apocalypse Now, in that every six minutes a chopper zooms overhead, and every eleven minutes there's one of those "Army News" radio broadcasts. I'm sure that is not un-intentional. All the better. Wilf is pretty funny, as a side show to the whole deal.

I did get my eyes opened to the whole IED / road-side bomb situation. It's pretty freakin' scary, you've really got to see it to understand.

The film is not as "pro-war" as you may think going in. It is a true documentary: the good, the bad, and the ugly; proportionally balanced.

There is far too much "rap" music to suit my taste. My problem, not that of the film-makers.

Wilf's electric guitar "Star Spangled Banner" ala Hendrix is good and is expertly placed in the film.

Over all, a good film worth watching.

11:58 PM. I gotta go load up the Ruger and freakin' CELEBRATE!

More soon.

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