09 January 2006

Mixed blessings

be careful of what you ask for

so anyway, I get to the Command Computer on the Blogging Deck (actually located on Sub-Basement Level One) of the Starship Heywood at 9:20 PM, instead of around 11:00 PM as usual. I am geeked. I fire up the computer, dial up C-SPAN and get ready for an early night's blogging.

Then slow joe biden started talking. And the others. I stopped mixing drinks (as in 'and started drinking straight from the bottle') when feinstein started talking.

My first thought was to "live-blog" the event, but then I realized that I'm watching a tape delay of today's proceedings, so that was right out.

Gawd, and I'm such a total geek about this kind of stuff. I mean, politics is my favorite spectator sport.

And all the leftards fawning over O'Connor. Jebeezus. I gotta turn this off.

More soon

Courage (Resolve)


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