09 January 2006

Much better now

seriously, set your TV to the "OFF" position

OK, so I'm still watching. Lindsey Graham is actually making sense. I've sent Conchita to the cellar for a fresh bottle.

I just had an epiphany: for the past couple of weeks, I have been e-mailing a couple of my new co-workers some selected VRWC links that I stumble upon during my lunchtime blog-surfing. Like, DUH! I should turn those lunch-time e-mails into posts here at SupplySidePolitics. I'll test the theory, starting tomorrow.

Damn, Graham is really making sense. And now he's bashing billy jeff blythe clinton and the ACLU. Lindsey, drinks are on me tonight!
oh gawd. chuckie schumer. I have the sudden urge to vomit. A.Lot.
More soon
Courage (Resolve)


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