26 September 2006

Tuesday Night

links for your Wednesday lunch

Thanks to everyone out there who have been stopping by to read SupplySidePolitics. Our hit counter topped 4100 sometime yesterday. Thank you all very much.

so anyway, I could go on for hours about billy jeff blythe clinton's "Tom Cruise Moment" and the subsequent fall-out. I did not see the interview (no TV for me, remember?), but it has been blogged to death; to the point of Steve H. Graham calling for a moritorium on the issue.

(special thanks to some hard workin' blogger for the "Tom Cruise Moment" line. I'm not able to track down where I read that line yesterday; See Also: Blogroll. Good Stuff, that)

Like a lot of you out there, I've known of bjbc's culpability on this issue for a long, long time, as in 1993-ish. Our Liege and Master, Darth Misha has the down-low on the "clinton legacy". (11Sept01 image alert)

In case you're wondering how Darth Misha the Omnipotent created such a masterpiece, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. The Dispair.com people have a "demotivational poster creator" system up and running. I first saw this over at Ace of Spades, but I've been too freakin' busy to play with it.

OK, children: the little hand is on eleven and the big hand is on tired. A couple of sobering posts and then it's off to bed with you:

Doc Russia and Sir Banagor will each give you pause for thought. Both are spot on, and you should read them. Their assessments are stark and the faint of heart will view these posts as pessimistic; that's far from the case. Go read, and we'll discuss in class on Thursday. This material will be on the Final Exam. thatisall


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