10 December 2007

Monday Night

the post title writers' strike continues

so anyway, Mike of Cold Fury fame provides an excellent link to SayUncle's Mass murderers v. armed citizens post. Good stuff, that. My bet is that you'll see a lot of crazy "gun" violence news now that the SCOTUS is hearing the 2A case.

Bejeezus, I wish I had time to blog like the days of old (remember? when every third post was me whining about not having any time to blog?) But I digress...

I've been doing a little house-keeping here at Supply Side Politics; if you've missed the (subtle) changes, here's a re-cap:

First, you'll remember my addition of Consul-at-Arms to the SSP blogroll a few weeks back. I've lost a couple of evenings recently reading his fascinating blog, and you should too.

You may notice that I've added Chris Muir's Day by Day to the sidebar. See? I can embed something if you give me the code up front.

Elsewhere, Sir Banagor is posting again! And Bill Whittle is threatening to do the same. Both have been moved from the "Missing in Action" rolls to the aforementioned SSP blogroll.

Sadly, Jim of Smoke on the Water fame remains silent.

In other news, I've added The Bone Conduction Music Show to the sidebar as the Blues Provider of Choice. It's all good.

The Stoopid Business is placing (extra) unreasonable demands on my time this week, so I must go now. We'll have words again soon, I'm sure.


At 11 December, 2007 22:23, Blogger Consul-At-Arms said...

Thanks for the mention. I've linked back to you here: http://consul-at-arms.blogspot.com/2007/12/re-monday-night-post-title-writers.html


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