12 December 2007

The Obligatory Chuck Adkins Post

I'm with the "cutting edge" crowd

so anyway, following up on yesterday's post: the reaction around the dextrosphere to the Hendrix v. Adkins dust-up has all the cool kids talking. I'm pressed for time this evening, so I'll give you the links without (much) comment:

Via ProteinWisdom, a link to Patterico. Ragin' Dave weighs in, as well. Ace is also on the board. My liege Emperor Misha I has a say on the matter.
Like I said, I'm pressed for time. There are many, many others out there, I simply haven't the time to follow all the links and read all the comments. See Also: Blogroll.
I so much wanted to blog about the "presumptive nominees" for POTUS'08 and/or the Second Amendment tonight; alas, time is short and another day in the Stoopid Business is a mere seven hours away.


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