11 December 2007

Second Monday this week

I blame the Stoopid Business

so anyway, I'm at a loss for words over this. Utterly speechless. Mike's own comment sums it up nicely:

"He's far too insignificant for me to have even noticed, much less gotten my
knickers in a twist over. But going after a man's wife, either dead or alive, is
beyond the pale where I grew up. And going after a man's dead wife? Patently,
completely unforgivable, and any decent man with even the most
parsimoniously-developed sense of honor would know better.

Not all that long ago, the perfectly proper response to such a thing would've been pistols at dawn, and no righteous observer would've thought otherwise either. I've
personally known people who got killed for less."

Jebeezus. The short story is this: one of the Cold Fury bloggers (not Mike) called bullshit on a low-level leftard blogger, said leftard blogger responds with an attack on Mike's recently deceased wife, Christiana. Mike responded to the insult, asked for the appropriate apology and is told to "get bent" for his efforts. Then it gets ugly.

Mike? If you're going to be in the Detroit (Rock City) area anytime soon, I'll buy you not one, but two 40 oz. quarts of your favorite beer and all the White Castles you can eat.


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