11 April 2008

A Milestone (and other semi-personal business)

The hits just keep on coming

so anyway, some time today the Supply Side Politics 2.0 hit counter recorded the 7000th hit.

Thank you, all. So very much.

I'd post the screen cap of the event, but it's on my employer's laptop and I'm not going anywhere near that vile piece of equipment until Monday morning. And then, only reluctantly.

I've seen an increase in traffic over the past couple of months; there are some larger, more successful blogs out there that have graced me with some links and a few blogroll inclusions. Thank you, very much.

It really does make this blogging hobby so much more enjoyable. I just wish my brother-in-blog was here to enjoy it.

Which brings me to my second point, the "semi-personal business". My brother-in-blog. (Sigh)

His last post was on 09 April 2005. He's a busy man, a fellow traveler in The Stoopid Business™, with twice the number of kids. He gets enormous amounts of slack. If he says he doesn't have time to post, I take him at his word. My secret opinion is that I posted something that was so disagreeable to him that he traded in his blogging shoes, but for the life of me, I can't imagine what it was, and he's not sayin'.

As I said somewhere before: I'd paraphrase Merle Haggard's classic Misery and Gin, but I can't find anything that rhymes with "cheap vodka" so I'll just let it go. You can expect adjustments to the side-bar. thatisall.

Seven Thousand. That is cool. Again, Thank You Very Much.


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