18 March 2008

Flounder's Logic

Hey, are you guys playing cards?

so anyway, it appears that Senator Obama gave a speech today. All the cool kids are talking about it. Via Q and O, McQ sums it up:

Essentially this will satisfy those who are pro-Obama and not satisfy those who are not for Obama (that would include me, but for reasons ideological, not race.). My question is, how will the big middle, the great undecided, see it?
You should read the whole thing.

In other news, Mike at Cold Fury is in a dour mood:
Anybody who thinks the current Obamacrap is anything other than the same old collectivist pig in fresh lipstick either wasn’t around for or doesn’t remember the “Man from Hope” bushwa they shoveled out in ‘92 and ‘96 very well. The “hope” is illusory; the “change” is a swindle, since there’s never anything more on offer than merely cosmetic alteration to the ever-present statist agenda.....
As per his usual, he's spot on.

More soon.


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