29 April 2008

Tuesday Night thoughts

it's half past the blues, as the song goes

so anyway, it may be half past the blues, but it's also a quarter to bed, so I'll be brief.

First, Kim du Toit brings us the Quote of the Day. I first read it without the appropriate "context" and thought it was spot on. As it turns out, it was some poor leftard's weak attempt at snark. The quote is as follows:

“It might as well be the public policy in Virginia that if you’re not a convicted felon, we want you armed to the teeth.”
I agree with Kim: this is excellent public policy. Implement immediately, please. Nationwide. THX

Kim also mentions the "feel-good" story of the day, about the one good reason why everyone should be armed.

Steve H. Graham of Hog on Ice fame fleshes it out:

It's a perfect example of how privately held guns are supposed to work. A criminal has a concealed weapon, and he uses it to commit a crime. A law-abiding permit holder surprises him with a legal firearm. The criminal loses.

If not for the armed manager and assistant manager, two or more innocent people might be dead today. Instead, the system scooped a troublemaker off the streets. Added bonus: every dirtbag in the vicinity of this store will know about the guns, and when they decide to rob business in order to buy drugs, they'll cross this grocery off their list. And decent people will know it's a relatively safe place to shop.

Concealed carry is a wonderful thing. Open carry would be better, but it seems like Sigmund Freud was involved in the drafting of our permit laws, because concealed is the rule. When you go about your business with a weapon at your disposal, you have tremendous peace of mind, because you know the odds that you will be harmed by a criminal are much, much lower than they ordinarily would be. You can't use it to end arguments or to prevent people from being rude to you, as Mr. Grant should have known, but you stand a very good chance of preventing yourself and those around you from being injured, raped, robbed, or killed.

Righteous, brother.

More soon. thatisall.


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