17 September 2008

Wednesday 17SEP08

47 days to go
so anyway, it looks like the President is going to veto the weak excuse for an increased domestic oil exploration bill if it makes it out of the Senate. The house passed the restrictive bill today 236-189. The online edition of the Wall Street Journal had this to say:
Over at Ace Of Spades HQ, Gabe offers up this:
The US Embassy in Yemen was attacked this morning:
Details are sketchy, the initial report is 16 dead.
Elsewhere, CBS News is so over Sarah Palin:
To which Stephen "VodkaPundit" Green replies:
Finally, 'cause you need a good laugh, here's an outstanding look at the age old question "Which candidate would you rather invite to a back-yard BBQ?" Priceless. It comes to us via VodkaPundit, who got it from Jules Crittenden, who got it from Argghhh!, who originally cross-posted it at Ace of Spades HQ on Sunday.

My blogging time on Sunday was completely FUBARed, so please forgive me for missing this nugget of comedy gold.

More soon


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