19 December 2008

Happy Birthday, Iowahawk

yes, I know, I'm late to the party

so anyway, the esteemed Mr. Burge of Iowahawk fame celebrated his fifth "blogiversary" this week. Read the whole thing, it's quite a trip down memory lane.

Earlier this week, I received one of those "you gotta see this" e-mails from a fellow worker-bee. Upon opening it, I saw Iowahawk's classic "Lemon" post cut-n-pasted into an e-mail format. I was appalled. Yeah, funny is funny, we all enjoy a good laugh, and spread the good stuff and all that crap; but always attribute the source, ashsole. I chased the daisy-chain of the e-mail back to the original sender, and sent him a snappy e-mail about plagerisim, intellectual property, and stuff. After the expected "who the fcuk are you?" e-mail exchange; it turns out he was just "forwarding" something that "someone" had sent him. I sent him Iowahawk's (actual) e-mail address and url and asked him to forward it on to his "someone". Developing.....

thatisall. Happy Blogday, Dave.


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