01 April 2009

There's no "I" in "Team"

there's no "O" either, but that's another story for another time

so anyway, The Other McCain has a post up titled "Team Spirit, Leadership and Success" that is a must-read. A snippet:

Whether it is war or politics, business or sports, accomplishing great things requires teamwork, which begins with the committed belief that victory for the team is more important than who carries the ball into the end zone. Once the victory is gained, even the second-string left tackle will be able to boast that he was part of the championship team.
R.S.McCain is spot on, as per his usual. He includes on of my favorite quotes from Ronald Wilson Reagan:

"You can accomplish much if you don't care who gets the credit."

I'll add another quote (shamelessly stolen from my electro-magnetic brother Thayrone) that I have taken to using in daily life:

"It's all about adding value to the lives of others"

R.Stacy McCain continues:
The saying "personnel is policy" became a byword in the Reagan administration, and if you've got the wrong personnel on your team, you're doomed. More than once, Ronald Reagan had to act decisively to try to unify his team and sometimes he didn't get it right. Sometimes the wrong man got promoted and the wrong man got fired, and Reagan would have to go back and fix the personnel mistake he'd made.....

.....Few men in history will be recognized as Reagan's equals, and fewer still his superiors, but the fact is that he gets credit for what was really a team victory. Reagan's achievements were actually accomplished by a vast army of fellow conservatives, most of whose names are scarcely even mentioned in the footnotes of the history books about Reagan.

For instance, just think about the men whose contributions not only funded Reagan's campaigns but also funded the many non-profit groups that have helped advance the cause that Reagan led.
I think the Cliff Notes version of Robert's point is this: stop the in-fighting and work for the Team; and, you may not ever be a rock star, but get off your ass and do something to advance the cause. Which I can live with. Remember, it's all about adding value to the lives of others.

Do go read The Other McCain, his blog-fu is strong.

There was something else, but it's gotten late early again and I must go.

more soon

Robert: please advise if I've missed the point or violated the concept of "fair use"


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