06 March 2009

A few things have caught my eye this week

it's not an all-inclusive list

so anyway, the past week has been a blur, highlighted by a "Black Friday" at my thankless Stoopid.Business™ job; 80 (eighty!) people got sacked, we're talkin' blood on the floor and growd men crying; so my compelling urge to blog has been somewhat subdued. Add that to the fact that my Stoopid.Business™ employer just got de-listed by the NYSE.

Yeah, it's been a stellar week. Tell me agian why I didn't study Marine Biology or go to Culinary Arts School?

Anyone? Is this thing on?

anyway, a few other things left a mark on me in the past few days:

My personal favorite quote of the week:

...or the threats to sue mortgage lenders for redlining and not making loans to the same folks based on the dead, white male concept of doing the fucking math... (Uncle Jimbo, posting at Ace of Spades HQ)
Embolding mine.

"...the dead, white male concept of doing the fucking math..." Dude, I'm going to get weeks of use out of that line.

Elsewhere, R.S.McCain drops any pretense of civility and lets us know what he really thinks:

Foreclose and Evict the Deadbeat Scum

It's along the lines of "your mortgage is not my problem", only a bit harsher. And That's.A.Good.Thing.

McCain's premise, in a nutshell:
That's why I've announced my own plan, "Foreclose and Evict the Deadbeat Scum" (FEDS). It's very simple:
Speaking as someone who is currently upside-down on their mortgage, I whole-heartedly endorse his FEDS plan. But you already knew that....

More soon


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