02 October 2009


there is not a Duran Duran video embedded in this post

so anyway, it looks like the 2016 Summer Olympics will be held in Rio de Janeiro, despite the President investing his personal clout and the authority of his Office in an attempt to secure the Games for his "hometown" of Chicago. It has been interesting to watch both sides spin this in opposite directions.

I agree with Ace:

Frankly very few of us even realized Chicago was in the running for the 2016 Olympics (long time in the future, eh?) until a week and a half ago.
RTWT, it's a different angle on the whole mess.

The Olympics lost their "shine" with me when they started letting professional athletes compete. I don't like change, but you knew that already.

As for people making political hay out of this, I'm merely a spectator. That said, whilst walking the dog this evening, I did come up with this:
Barack Hussein Obama
He almost had the Olympic Grail
but ended up with Epic Fail
More soon

UPDATE: I finally watched the video that all the cool kids (see also: Blogroll) have been posting today:

Shamelessly lifted from Stop the ACLU

UPDATE, part The Second: S.Weasel has an opinion on the whole affair:
.....I assumed he had it in the bag before flying out to accept the honor (which was tacky enough, but just inside the bounds). To prostrate THE OFFICE OF MY COUNTRY’S PRESIDENT before the international gang of midget wrestlers that is the Olympic Committee, and to do it ON SPEC?! AND FAIL?!
Her pictures speak louder than words, as per her usual. Go ye therefore, and see for yourself.


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