20 August 2009

Does this mean I'm exempt from taxes?

'cause I sure as Hell don't have any "representation"

so anyway, I've been checking the website of my so-called US "Representative" every couple of days for the past few weeks to see when he was going to have a "town hall" meeting on the BOHICA (Barack Obama's Health Insurance Coverage Act, for the uninitiated) debate. The way I figured it, as a victim of the Obama economy (as in, unemployed since May) I would go down to the demonstration to get my fair share of abuse.

I've been checking the official website of so-called "Representative" Mark Schauer (D-MI-07) regularly since the Congressional recess started, to see when he was holding his town hall meeting. Imagine my surprise when I checked his site yesterday and saw this headline:

Schauer to host telephone town hall tomorrow to discuss health care reform
Color me stunned. I checked the browsing history on both computers here at Casa de Miguel, and I had indeed checked Schauer's schedule three times the week of 01-07 AUG 09, twice the week of 08-14 AUG 09, and on Sunday 16AUG and Tuesday 18AUG.

Wanker. Spineless, snivelling wanker.

I wonder what Mr.Schauer has considered for employment after the third Tuesday of January 2011, because he's not going to be a congressman after that date.

Hell, maybe I'll run for his seat. Can you run for congress using an assumed name?

thatisall. more soon


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