27 June 2010

The Real Reason

S.Weasel is raising chickens

so anyway, via John Lott's Website, I discovered the real reason that S.Weasel is raising chickens:

"British shoppers are to be banned from buying eggs by the dozen under new regulations approved by the European Parliament.

For the first time, eggs and ­other products such as oranges and bread rolls will be sold by weight instead of by the number contained in a packet....

...The new rules will mean that instead of packaging telling shoppers a box contains six eggs, it will show the weight in grams of the eggs inside, for example 372g."

Weasel is sticking it to TheMan: If she can't but them by the dozen, screw those euro-weenies! She'll raise her own! Either that, or she's avoiding the metric system.

The Daily Mail piece goes on to recount the history of how and why eggs are sold by the dozen in the first place (it's less "strange women lyin' in ponds distributin' swords is no basis for a system of government" than I had hoped) and points out that the "eggs by the pound kilo" kerfuffle "could be the first test of David Cameron’s pre-Election promise to stand up for Britain’s interests in the EU."

This is not the first time Britain has rebelled against Brussels:

"In 2003, a threatened European ban on smoky-bacon crisps was averted at the last minute...after a backlash from the British ­public."

Therein is the problem with the European Union. Any government that would seek to ban smoky-bacon crisps must be resisted.

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