10 February 2012

Shire Network News, RIP

I am not pleased with this turn of events

so anyway, after 189 podcasts, the good folks of Shire Network News have called it quits.  To Tom Paine, Brian of London, Meryl, Doug and the others I say Bravo!!! and thank you.

The link to their final podcast is here.  Hopefully, they'll keep their archives available.

Shire Network News was one of the first podcasts I regularly enjoyed.*  For an "amateur" podcast, the production values were excellent and I was always amazed at the quality of their featured interview guest.

And the snark.  Oh, yes, the snark.  World class, it was.  The "Defenders of the Anglosphere...through satire" was their tag line and they lived up to their billing.

To the crew of Shire Network News, I offer the Supply Side Politics 2.0 Award for General Outstandingness:  if any of you are ever near The Peoples' Republic of AnnArbor, I'll buy you not one, but two 40 oz quarts of your favorite beer and all the White Castles you can eat.

In other podcast news, on this week's Ricochet podcast, Peter Robinson breaks into an impromptu Richard Nixon impersonation that is just spot on.

more soon

*Actually, it was the second, Lilek's Diner was the first, but that's not important now.

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