17 January 2013

Michael's Day Off

this is gonna be sweet...

so anyway, I decided at the last minute to take tomorrow off.  I have some "carry over" 2012 vacation days that I need to use in the first quarter, and The.Greatest.Boss.EVAH. said "Go for it!"

The plan is  like this:  up at zero dawn thirty (as per the usual); do the usual morning routine then drive to the nearest "Park and Ride" lot and take a two hour nap.  Next, drive into The Peoples' Republik of AnnArbor and find somewhere to park close to the County offices.

Why am I burning a vacation day to go to the County Clerks office?  Shut up, that's why.  The real reason is that I've jumped through all the hoops and can apply for my concealed carry permit.

From the County Clerks office, I'll travel across-town to the Sheriff's Office to be finger-printed (like a common criminal; don't get me started)

Then, it's off to the range, where I'll convert money into smoke and noise, and have only pieces of paper  with .357" or .356" holes in them to prove it.

After all that, it gets kinda boring, as I'll head down to Cabelas for a fleece vest ('cause it's damn cold in the office).

Tallying up the time spent, I may have to add another two hour nap at an undisclosed location...

more soon

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