12 January 2013

Preparations for the coming Zombie Apocalypse

I can check another item off the list...

so anyway, I "test drove" my "carry rig" around the house today and it was simply fabulous.

The sweet little "slide" holster can be found here.

I wore the rig all day around the house, and went about my regular Saturday routine.  Very comfortable; the holster is very versatile: inside the waistband, outside the waistband, right hand, left hand, and small of the back.  It was so comfortable that I almost forgot to lock it back up when I went to Walmart.  I grabbed the list and was off to the store, and it was only when I got into the car that I realized that I was carrying.  I can't wait for the day that the County issues my CPL.  First place I'm going to carry?  Whole Foods (but that's a different post for a different time).

I chose to test drive it around the house as the acid test of being able to keep it concealed all day.  You see, here at Casa de Miguel, I am constantly subjected to an excruciating level of pedantic nit-picking and scrutiny in everything I do.  Had The.Oh.So.Progressive.Missus™ or any of the kids spotted it, The.Oh.So.Progressive.Missus™'s epic meltdown would have been visible from space.

Serious You Guys, as soon as That Fuckin' Guy issues the Executive Order banning the People having guns, The.Oh.So.Progressive.Missus™ will be on the phone to the local police department demanding that they come pick them up.  There's a reason that I keep the various iron locked up in very in-accessible places.

more soon

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