16 February 2013

Lack of Resources (Updated)

is harshing my mellow*...

so anyway, I recently had arranged to meet a friend at the range for a little "recoil therapy" after work.  As it turned out, I had to cancel because The Stoopid Business™ demanded more than ten hours of my time that day.  I called my friends and cancelled, and promised to re-schedule the recoil therapy session.

Now, I'm not so sure that I'll be rushing back to the range any time soon.  Witness the ammunition shelves at the local Walmart.

I'm not in a big hurry to turn the ammo I have into smoke and noise unless I know that I can replace it.  I do not have that confidence.

Every time I'm in a store that sells ammo, I check the shelf and buy anything that I can shoot.  I haven't been able to buy any ammo for over two months.  It almost makes me want to go out and get something that will chamber those .22LR Stingers or those .177 HMR rounds.  Having no discretionary funds prevents me from doing so.
So, until I can replenish ammunition, it looks like I'll not be getting any practice in.

more soon

* h/t to Cold Fury for the turn of the phrase

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