17 March 2013

Ace gets proper recognition

CPAC Blog of the Year....

so anyway, Ace of Spades HQ was honored with the "2013 CPAC Blog of the Year" title the other day:

Congratulations, Ace.  You deserve more recognition like this.

We first heard the news with Drew's announcement, then LauraW posted the text of the acceptance speech, as delivered by Gabriel Malor:
"Gabriel Malor is an asshole. He jumped ship to the New York Daily News without ever acknowledging that I am his intellectual and philosophical father, and that I made him, as a baker would make a loaf of Ungrateful Bread.
I have chosen him to accept this award on my behalf out of spite.
Thank you, John, and anyone else for this award. I appreciate it. It is a validation that I, and not the human ventriloquist doll reading this statement, am a true force in the online media.
Thank you again, and please makes sure that that your thunderous applause is directed solely towards me and not this sad puppet that stands before you in all his shame."
So, I'm thinkin' that LauraW is zoomin' us, amiright?

No, wrong. Here's the vid of Gabe Malor delivering the acceptance speech:

So, no; LauraW was not zoomin' us.

Again, Congratulations to Ace and the cob-loggers over at Ace of Spades HQ

more soon



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